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Therapeutic Antibodies - Ultimately

Approximately 200 therapeutic antibodies were approved or under regulatory review in the US and Europe by the end of 2023 (Antibody Society, December 2023). The vast majority of therapeutic antibodies are generated with transgenic and other in vivo platforms.

Abvivo creates selective agonist and antagonist antibodies against targets with high human-rodent and intra-protein family homology using transgenic platforms and NGS- and B cell cloning-based functional discovery. Partners avoid freedom-to-operate risk and primary discovery steps while obtaining best-in-class antibody development candidates. Ultimately target-solving antibodies.

Abvivo designs, generates, and licenses its antibodies to biopharmaceutical companies globally, generally with program, partner, and terms privacy. Ultimately business-promoting antibodies.

Contact for ultimate therapeutic antibody opportunities.

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