Therapeutic Antibodies - Ultimately

Twelve of the top-20 medicines are projected to be antibodies by 2024 (Evaluate Pharma, 2019) and sales could top $400B by 2030 (Fatpos Global, March 2021). Approximately 85% of approved antibodies were generated using in vivo discovery tools (Antibody Society, October 2020). Therapeutic antibodies in clinical development are increasingly derived from transgenic platforms.

Abvivo creates high-performance antibodies against targets with high human-rodent and intra-protein family homology and other challenges using industry-leading transgenic and B cell cloning technologies. Partners avoid freedom-to-operate risk and the primary discovery steps, yet obtain best-in-class antibody development candidates. Ultimately target-solving antibodies.

Abvivo designs and develops antibodies exclusively where the biopharmaceutical industry has the greatest proven needs. Flexible options include licensing, asset purchase, and acquisition of tax-favored, zero-overhead entities for each antibody family. Abvivo does not disclose its programs or partners publicly. Ultimately business-promoting antibodies.

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