On-demand, business-optimized, target-solving therapeutic antibodies

Twelve of the top-20 medicines are projected to be antibodies with over $300B in annual sales by 2024 (Evaluate Pharma, 2019). More than 90% of the 100+ antibodies approved today were generated using in vivo systems (Antibody Society, June 2019).

Abvivo creates high-performance, mono-, bi- and poly-specific antibodies against targets with high human-rodent and intra-protein family homology and other challenges using industry-leading transgenic technologies (www.omniab.com). Partners avoid freedom-to-operate risk, animal handling and hybridoma inefficiency, yet obtain best-in-class antibodies. Target-solving antibodies on demand.

Abvivo antibody products match the specific therapeutic needs of biopharmaceutical partners with flexible terms. Options include licensing, asset purchase and acquisition of a tax-favored, zero-overhead affiliate for each designer antibody. Business-optimized antibodies on demand.

Abvivo partners can expect alternative collaboration structures within 8-16 business hours and licensing agreement within one-two business weeks. Contact bl@abvivo.com to explore options.