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Therapeutic Antibodies - Ultimately

Approximately 175 therapeutic antibodies were approved or under regulatory review in the US and Europe by the end of 2022 (Antibody Society, December 2022). Sales from these may top $400B by 2030 (Fatpos Global, March 2021). 85% of approved antibodies were generated with in vivo tools (Antibody Society, October 2020), increasingly transgenic platforms.

Abvivo creates selective agonist and antagonist antibodies against targets with high human-rodent and intra-protein family homology using transgenic platforms and NGS- and B cell cloning-based functional discovery. Partners avoid freedom-to-operate risk and primary discovery steps while obtaining best-in-class antibody development candidates. Ultimately target-solving antibodies.

Abvivo designs and generates antibodies where biopharmaceutical companies have the greatest needs. Flexible alternatives include milestone- or royalty-free options and licenses. Abvivo generally does not disclose its programs or partners publicly. Ultimately business-promoting antibodies.

Contact for ultimate therapeutic antibody opportunities.

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